the board game about stockpile

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The board game «bulls-bears» about the stockpile. In the game you have to buy and sell stocks. The one who buys more than 50% of the shares wins.

Age 7+
Participants from 2 to 10 persons
Game time from 10 to 45 minutes
In the box 50 cards
and the game instuction.



The game is designed for big companies: one set could be used up to 10 players. You could buy more sets and play with all guests at the wedding.

Simple and clear rules of the game

Based on real trading experience: everything that happens in the game works like on the stock exchange.


At the same time using cards and app on the device


You need laptop or smartphone for the game.


Is it an online or an offline game?

This is a board game. Website of the game is needed for make game mechanics easier.

Do you have an online game without cards?

No we don't. We plan to make it out in the next year.

Where can I find gameplay?

We plan to publish letsplays on our youtube channel. You can find the link on our social media below.

From creators

At the school we didn't learn economics and applied law. That is why we were learning from our mistakes by buying federal bonds and using a consumer loan during student days

We want to fill this gap with a range of economic games.

After playing these games the school graduates would be fully engaged in financial relations: they would distinguish a loan from an overdraft, be able to calculate cash flows, and could easily open their own business.